From Ivy League and liberal arts colleges to Top Ten universities, community colleges and graduate programs, I help students navigate the process of applying to institutions of higher learning. I escort them through this complex and usually unfamiliar territory in a manner that minimizes stress and maximizes potential.

Every student is different and so is their application experience. Still, there is a basic progression that we follow no matter what.

First, we work together to create a personal strategy and a schedule for attacking the process. Once we have a clear plan of action, we turn our attention to the application content. Creating this content is a multi-tiered process that includes listing extracurricular activities, writing the Personal Essay and writing the essays and short answers required in various supplements. Resumes are sometimes requested. Interviews are recommended.

I work quite often with scholar-athletes and transfer students, for whom there are often accelerated deadlines.  My one-on-one approach also complements the labor-intensive needs of students for whom English is not their first language or those for whom writing is not their first love.