student, George Washington University ‘19

“I could not have gotten my applications done without Liz. It was so helpful to have a designated time set aside each week to work on my applications. She gave me useful feedback and once we decided on the theme for my essay, she provided valuable editing. She also helped me research my chosen schools in order that I write strong supplemental essays. Most of all, I really like Liz and enjoyed our work together!” 

parent of transfer student, Bard College ‘18

“Working with Liz took the stress out of the process!  She helped my daughter stop worrying about how she would be judged and start to focus on the application as an opportunity to tell her story. Liz turned the experience into a personal discovery. M. submitted her applications from Liz’s office and then began working with her to prepare for interviews. Liz is an expert at helping ‘get the jitters out.’ M. got into all the schools she applied to and in the process gained the confidence to succeed while being true to herself.”

parent of student, Northeastern graduate school ‘16

“When my son, who graduated from college with a higher lacrosse goal-per-game average than GPA, decided to go to grad school, for both academic redemption and to plot a new course, I knew he needed to meet Liz. As in many cases, the personal statement on the application was his only real opportunity to compel a committee to accept him, and he was so grateful for Liz’s professional ability to help him tell his story. Northeastern University admitted him and he recently graduated with a 3.9 GPA – the value of the confidence building aspect of Liz’s work and way cannot be overstated. Thank you!”