parent of students, Franklin and Marshall ‘18 and Cardozo Law School ‘20

“Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance as my kids have navigated the application process for various academic programs. I am particularly impressed by the help you gave S.  The story was definitely her story and her voice.  I can’t speak to H.’s essay because he STILL hasn’t shown it to me, but he is loving F&M and you certainly played a key role in his application and acceptance. As a matter of fact, he. thanked us for not making his senior year of high school completely stressed and insane.  I don’t think that was us. Because of YOU, we could be relaxed and confident that what needed to happen was happening.”

parent of student, University of Vermont student ‘18

“My son went to one of the best public schools in Massachusetts, yet we did not know how to prepare his college application to rise to the top of the competitive pile. Liz coached my son to write his story – consistently through the essay and common app – with a compelling and authentic style. Thanks to Liz, he was accepted at all of his top choice schools.”

parent of student, Bard High School ‘13, Grinnell College. ‘17

“My daughter worked with Liz on her college essays at the 11th hour—she thought she had it all under control but then she wanted to make changes, which wrought panic.  It was stressful and could have been devastating, but we found Liz.  Working with Liz through a nurturing process allowed our daughter to feel good about the application she was putting forth to a very selective range of colleges.  We could not be happier with the approach Liz takes—she does not write for the kids. Instead she guides them to a place where they can do their best and most personal writing.  That she can do this is an enormous talent.   We recommend Liz Gessner highly.”