student, Skidmore ‘17

“I started working with Liz after my college counselor had approved (to send to colleges) essentially a first draft of my essay. I knew the essay wasn’t what I wanted it to be, and then I started working with Liz. She helped me take the bones of an essay to something I am very proud of. And throughout the process, I learned to revise my writing, which is a skill I will forever be grateful for!” 

student, attending first-choice school, University of Vermont ‘18

“Liz asked me to look at my college essay like an admissions person would. She helped me understand that it needed to tell such an interesting story that admissions people would want to read it and realize I would be a good fit at their university. Working with Liz on Skype was like working with her in the same room. And she did not judge me like there was a right answer … she was totally supportive and understanding and helped me do my best with the application. I am going to my first choice school and have received $20,000 per year in scholarships and grants, because my application was so strong.”

student-athlete (baseball) Amherst ’17

“Working with Liz was extremely helpful. I had a lot of ideas but wasn’t able to get my thoughts out until we started working together. She provided me with insight and helped me put my ideas into words.”