What They Are Saying



What They Are Saying


parent of a student, Franklin & Marshall ‘18

“Liz, we can’t thank you enough for all your help with H.’s application. You made it possible for us to be supportive parents during this stressful time. Because of you we were able to really be there for him through this process.”

parent of student, Bates ‘20

“Thank you for being so wonderful to R. You made a difficult process so much more manageable. Let me know if you ever need a recommendation; it would be my pleasure to rave!!” 

parent of student, George Washington University ‘19

“We hired Liz because my husband and I had different ideas of what topic she should select for her essay and how she should write it. Our daughter welcomed the advice of a neutral third party, and we didn’t need to micro-manage the process. In addition to supplemental essays that maintained the consistent theme, Liz’s involvement resulted in a college essay that substantially exceeded our expectations. Our daughter was accepted into many great schools.” 

What They Are Saying

What They Are Saying

student, George Washington University ‘19

“I could not have gotten my applications done without Liz. It was so helpful to have a designated time set aside each week to work on my applications. She gave me useful feedback and once we decided on the theme for my essay, she provided valuable editing. She also helped me research my chosen schools in order that I write strong supplemental essays. Most of all, I really like Liz and enjoyed our work together!” 

parent of transfer student, Bard College ‘18

“Working with Liz took the stress out of the process!  She helped my daughter stop worrying about how she would be judged and start to focus on the application as an opportunity to tell her story. Liz turned the experience into a personal discovery. M. submitted her applications from Liz’s office and then began working with her to prepare for interviews. Liz is an expert at helping ‘get the jitters out.’ M. got into all the schools she applied to and in the process gained the confidence to succeed while being true to herself.”

parent of student, Northeastern graduate school ‘16

“When my son, who graduated from college with a higher lacrosse goal-per-game average than GPA, decided to go to grad school, for both academic redemption and to plot a new course, I knew he needed to meet Liz. As in many cases, the personal statement on the application was his only real opportunity to compel a committee to accept him, and he was so grateful for Liz’s professional ability to help him tell his story. Northeastern University admitted him and he recently graduated with a 3.9 GPA – the value of the confidence building aspect of Liz’s work and way cannot be overstated. Thank you!”  

What They Are Saying

What They Are Saying

parent of students, Franklin and Marshall ‘18 and Cardozo Law School ‘20

“Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance as my kids have navigated the application process for various academic programs. I am particularly impressed by the help you gave S.  The story was definitely her story and her voice.  I can’t speak to H.’s essay because he STILL hasn’t shown it to me, but he is loving F&M and you certainly played a key role in his application and acceptance. As a matter of fact, he. thanked us for not making his senior year of high school completely stressed and insane.  I don’t think that was us. Because of YOU, we could be relaxed and confident that what needed to happen was happening.”

parent of student, University of Vermont student ‘18

“My son went to one of the best public schools in Massachusetts, yet we did not know how to prepare his college application to rise to the top of the competitive pile. Liz coached my son to write his story – consistently through the essay and common app – with a compelling and authentic style. Thanks to Liz, he was accepted at all of his top choice schools.”

parent of student, Bard High School ‘13, Grinnell College. ‘17

“My daughter worked with Liz on her college essays at the 11th hour—she thought she had it all under control but then she wanted to make changes, which wrought panic.  It was stressful and could have been devastating, but we found Liz.  Working with Liz through a nurturing process allowed our daughter to feel good about the application she was putting forth to a very selective range of colleges.  We could not be happier with the approach Liz takes—she does not write for the kids. Instead she guides them to a place where they can do their best and most personal writing.  That she can do this is an enormous talent.   We recommend Liz Gessner highly.”

What They Are Saying

What They Are Saying

Bard High School senior, going to Grinnell College ‘17

“I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you and tell you how helpful you were in my college process. Often times when I get outsiders to edit my work, it acquires a stilted quality that just, fundamentally, is not me. While that may be okay for school papers, it doesn’t fly in the college process. I really felt that I was heard and that you worked with me to preserve my authorial voice while fine-tuning my message. This was invaluable. You gave me the structure and support I needed to get it done. I feel much more confident about my applications because of you, and I thank you for that.”

student- athlete (crew), Syracuse University ’12

“As a student athlete, my application process happened faster than all of my friends. Liz knew how to handle it and helped me every step of the way. She appreciates what being an athlete involves and how it goes together with being a student. I never felt like I had to explain myself to her; she just understood. I would work with Liz any time.” 

father of student, Amherst College ‘17

“The common application is a critical but often overlooked component in the college process. My son is a very good student and athlete, but very good students don’t always get into top schools without the right balance of grades, standardized tests scores, athletic ability and yes, a well written common app. Working with a professional like Liz was a key ingredient to his admission into Amherst. Liz didn’t write one word of it; instead, she unlocked the creative juices in my son which allowed him to construct an essay which was lucid, concise and articulate.” 

What They Are Saying

What They Are Saying

student, Skidmore ‘17

“I started working with Liz after my college counselor had approved (to send to colleges) essentially a first draft of my essay. I knew the essay wasn’t what I wanted it to be, and then I started working with Liz. She helped me take the bones of an essay to something I am very proud of. And throughout the process, I learned to revise my writing, which is a skill I will forever be grateful for!” 

student, attending first-choice school, University of Vermont ‘18

“Liz asked me to look at my college essay like an admissions person would. She helped me understand that it needed to tell such an interesting story that admissions people would want to read it and realize I would be a good fit at their university. Working with Liz on Skype was like working with her in the same room. And she did not judge me like there was a right answer … she was totally supportive and understanding and helped me do my best with the application. I am going to my first choice school and have received $20,000 per year in scholarships and grants, because my application was so strong.”

student-athlete (baseball) Amherst ’17

“Working with Liz was extremely helpful. I had a lot of ideas but wasn’t able to get my thoughts out until we started working together. She provided me with insight and helped me put my ideas into words.”

What They Are Saying

What They Are Saying

Xavier High School sophomore, Phoenix, AZ

“I worked with Liz the summer before eighth grade so that I could improve my writing skills for future academic writing assignments and for personal writing. I worked with her on and off the whole summer and when I went back to school, it helped me tremendously. I have become a better writer because of it, and I still use most of her helpful tips today as a high school student.”