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Parent of 2018 Student


Parent of 2018 Student


Parent of 2018-2019 Student


I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. It was so fun to work with you over facetime and to share and exchange ideas. It was also so easy to work with you as I feel that you understand me so well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Liz, we can’t thank you enough for all your help with H.’s application. You made it possible for us to be supportive parents during this stressful time. Because of you we were able to really be there for him through this process.


[Liz] took a HUGE amount of stress off our family.


MANY thanks for all you did for and with [my daughter]. I think her confidence is way up as a result of working with you… Her essays were SO much better.


[I] wanted to thank you again for being such a sensitive and insightful coach -- fine tuning [my daughter’s] essay but always encouraging her to be her genuine self. And it paid off -- she was accepted to almost all of the schools she applied to.


[My son] loved working with you. It was very helpful! I’ve given your name to a few folks already… You really helped him home in on his voice!


Parent of 2018-19 Student

Working with [Liz} was the single most important part of [the] college admissions process. The one-on-one time [my daughter] had with [Liz] taught  her to find her own voice… [Liz] gave her the confidence to write and to believe that she could write well both grammatically, structurally and creatively. Skills she will use throughout her lifetime!

Testimonial on Academic Tutoring

High-school sophomore, 2017

I worked with Liz the summer before eighth grade so that I could improve my writing skills for future academic writing assignments and for personal writing. I worked with her on and off the whole summer and when I went back to school, it helped me tremendously. I have become a better writer because of it, and I still use most of her helpful tips today as a high school student.